Greensboro Symphony Orchestra Personnel

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Violin I
John Fadial, Concertmaster
Greensboro Symphony Guild Chair
Mary Ashley Barret, Principal
Fraser Family Chair
by Susan and Bill Fraser
Fabrice Dharamraj, Associate Concertmaster
Chair in Honor of Caroline Lee
Anna Lampidis, Oboe II/English Horn
Mr. Lenoir Chambers Memorial Chair
by Mr. Lenoir Chambers Wright
+Janet Orenstein, Associate Concertmaster Alicia Chapman, English Horn / Oboe III
Barbara B. and Robert E. Lavietes, Chair
Wendy Rawls, Assistant Concertmaster  
Karen Collins
Rachel Smothers Hull and Worth Brantley Hull Chair
Ewa Dharamraj
Mary Ellen and Elizabeth Anne Kavanagh
Chair by Ellen C. and B. John Kavanagh
Kelly Burke, Principal
Andrew Emmett
George W. Dickieson Chair, GSO Conductor 1951-1963
by Anna Dickieson
Edwin Riley, Clarinet II
Elaine Wolf Cone Memorial Chair
by Barbara S. and Herman Cone, Jr.
Ruth Metheny
Lynn Carroll Haley Chair
by Michael Haley
Shawn Copeland, Bass Clarinet
Royce O. Reynolds Chair
by Jane W. Reynolds
Ramilya Siegel
Marie C. and Ed Faulkner Chair
by Marie C. and Ed Faulkner
Nicolae Soare
Sally London Hobbs Memorial Chair
by Johnnye and J. T. Hunter
*Julianne Steele
Dorothy G. Frank Chair
Carol L. Bernstorf, Principal
Jean Von Berg Sykes
David Vincent Sherman Chair
by Ann, Beth and Becky Sherman

Mark Hekman, Bassoon II
Walter W. King, Jr. Memorial Chair
by Elizabeth Yates King
Monika Wilmot
Janie C. and E. Kemp Reece Chair
Amber Ferenz, Contra / Bassoon III
Joyce C. Kiser Memorial Chair
by Mose Kiser, Jr. and Family
James Autha Freeze Memorial Chair
by J. Thurman and Peg Freeze
Lucy and Clark Dixon Memorial Chair
by Jack C. Dixon

  Robert Campbell, Principal
Violin II
Lynn Beck, Horn II
Carole Swope Monroe Chair
by Edwin Brent Monroe
Fabrice Dharamraj, Principal Timothy Papenbrock, Horn III
Ethel Clay Price Memorial Chair
by Kathleen Price Bryan Family Fund
+Stephanie Ezerman, Associate Principal David Doyle, Horn IV
Richard and Danahy Family Chair
By Mary C. Richard Danahy and Patrick Danahy
Alison Lawson, Assistant Principal  
Catherine Burton
Alice Mae and William M. Lineberry Memorial Chair
by Helen and Albert S. Lineberry, Sr.
Colleen Chenail
Lynn R. Prickett Memorial Chair
by The Lynn R. and Karl E. Prickett Fund

Anita Cirba, Principal
Peter B. Bush Memorial Chair
by Mary Ann Bush and Children
Kay Hensley
Sidney J Stern, Jr. Memorial Chair
by Katherine G. Stern

Ken Wilmot, Trumpet II
Barbara S. and Herman Cone, Jr. Chair
by Donna M. and Herman Cone II

Betty Kelley
Ellen and Gary Taft Chair
Karl J. Kassner, Trumpet III
The Austin Family Chair
by Patricia Austin Sevier

David Mullikin
The Jimmie Irene Johnson Memorial Chair
by Dr. Harry W. Johnson and Family

John R. Melton Principal
Scott Rawls, Principal
Kathleen Price Bryan Memorial Chair
by Kathleen Bryan Edwards and Family
David Wulfeck, Trombone II
Frederick Kent Wilkins Memorial Chair
by Kaye Andrews Wilkins and Children
Maureen Michels, Assistant Principal
Garson L. Rice, Jr. Chair
by Catherine G. Rice and Children
Erik J. Salzwedel, Bass Trombone
Alice Wilson Pearce Chair
by Woody Pearce
Anne P. DiPiazza
Betty F. and Robert P. Williams Chair
Simon Ertz
The Michael and Anna Lodico Chair
by Flo and Bill Snider
Noah Hock
Brad Pino, Principal
Caroline Jones  
Eric Koontz Timpani
Camille Prescott-Archer
Peter Zlotnick, Principal
Gizem YĆ¼cel  
Wiley Arnold Sykes III, Principal
Beth Vanderborgh, Principal Beverly Naiditch, Assistant Principal
Jeanne Maxwell Hassell Chair
by Charles M. Hassell
+Anne Sellitti, Assistant Principal
Kay Bryan Edwards Chair
by Joseph M. Bryan

Drums, Wiley Arnold Sykes III
R. Bradford Lloyd Chair
by Mary Ruth and Robert B. Lloyd, Jr.
Brenda Fincher
Joan T. and William L. Hemphill Chair
Xylophone, John R. Beck
Hughlene Bostian Frank and William Allen Frank Chair
Jennifer Alexandra Johnston
Joy C. Morrison Chair
by William H. Morrison
Mike Austin
John E. and Martha S. Chandler Chair
Melodee Karabin
The Brough-Webber Chair
by Elizabeth Brough Webber and William Webber
Michael Lasley
Thomas E. and Elaine R. Wright Chair
Gina Pezzoli
Greensboro Opera Company Chair
by Peggy and Phil Johnson
Colin Tribby
Lillian Daley Brown Memorial Chair
by The Massey Trust through Nancy C. and Alex S. Brown
+Lee Richey
The Kroupa Family Chair
by Bob and Ann Kroupa
Marcia Riley
Preston Wylie Keith and Martha Elizabeth Allred Keith Chair
by Dr. Preston Keith and Marty Keith

Worth Williams
Dr. William R. and Beverley C. Roger Chair
Helen Rifas, Principal
Eleanor Downes Mewborn Chair
In Memory of Carolyn Riddle Downes
Bass Piano/Celesta
John P. Spuller, Principal Nancy Johnston, Principal
Irene Mitchell Moore and Beverly Cooper Moore Chair
+Michael Ashton, Assistant Principal
Carolyn J. Maness Chair
by John R. Maness

Fred Pivetta
Contemporary Piano Chair
by Willie and Lisa Bullock
Mara Barker
C. Scott Lee Chair
by Caroline M. and N. Clayton Lee

Virginia Masius
Richard W. and Carlotta M. Treleaven Chair
by Carl W. and Lina Z. Treleaven
Music Librarian
John Spuller
Jan Mixter Stage Manager
Vito Ciccone
Bu Scherf
Orchestra Personnel Manager
Wendy Rawls
Debra Reuter-Pivetta, Principal *On Leave - One Year
+One-Year Contract
Linda Cykert, Flute II / Piccolo
Linda B. and Maurice Jennings Chair
String Personnel listed in alphabetical order
Carla Copeland-Burns, Piccolo / Flute III
Richard Kelly Bowles, Jr. Memorial Chair
by Louise H. and R. Kelly Bowles Family Foundation


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