Lillian Rauch Beginning Strings Program

Peck GSO PerformanceThe Greensboro Symphony Lillian Rauch Beginning Strings Program began in 2000, and was established at Peck Elementary during the 2007-2008 school year. In the Beginning Strings Program, the Greensboro Symphony provides Guilford County elementary schools with string instruments and small group music lessons free of charge.

Key objectives of the program are to serve a segment of the community that needs greater access to instrumental music education, to nurture and develop students’ creative talents, and to prepare students for challenging opportunities in music and life. Peck GSO Performance

Instruments are supplied and maintained by the Greensboro Symphony. Instructors for the program have been drawn from Greensboro Symphony musicians with significant group teaching experience, string music education faculty from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro School of Music, Theatre and Dance (UNCG), and UNCG graduate students in string music education. Graduate students teach in the program with the guidance of Dr. Rebecca MacLeod.

The program continues to grow and sprout connections throughout the community. This year, a teaching assistant supported by the Music Academy of North Carolina aids with the program. An after-school string orchestra is forming at Jackson Middle School, the school which many Peck graduates attend. The Sphinx Chamber Orchestra gave a performance and clinic at Peck Elementary in October 2011, and the Harlem Quartet performed at the school in the 2012-13 season. The program was featured in the UNCG magazine in the spring of 2012.

Making overtures

A community outreach, orchestrated by UNCG faculty and students, introduces young students to the joys of classical music.  The following story features Dr. Rebecca Macleod, who piloted the Peck orchestra program and has shepherded its growth over the past four years. The program is a hands-on, collaborative music class between the UNCG School of Music, Theatre and Dance, the Greensboro Symphony, the Music Academy of North Carolina and Peck Elementary.    

Peck ElementaryMusic wafts from the classroom cottages at Greensboro’s Peck Elementary School. A UNCG graduate student stands in front of the class of fidgety fifth-graders, violin in hand, giving clear instructions on what she wants them to play.

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